MuseScore 3.3 Beta Available

In recent articles, I discussed some upcoming accessibility improvements to MuseScore, the popular free and open source music notation program. I am pleased to report that a “beta” version of MuseScore 3.3 is now available that includes most of this work (for Windows / NVDA; we hope other platforms will follow within the year.

I encourage anyone with an interest in accessible music notation to install and try out this beta, which is the culmination of years of gradual progress resulting in the first “fully” accessible version of MuseScore. And please, give us your feedback! You can leave comments here, or in the support forum on

To get started, visit and click the link for the MuseScore 3.3 Beta (or, if there is a more recent version available by the time you read this, grab that instead) and then download the Windows 64-bit build (the 32-bit build should work too if your syste is only 32 bit). You can then install this file normally. If you have NVDA running, everything should work out of the box. If you don’t have NVDA, download and install it here:

MuseScore is a full-featured and sophisticated program, so there is a learning curve associated with it, and not everything will be readily apparent to a visually impaired user. We have a section of the online document especially for visually imparied users: Over time I hope to provide more resources.


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