Working Documents

One of the main purposes of The Accessible Music Notation Project is to suggest improvements to existing software and to propose designs for new tools to support blind musicians and others wishing to work with blind musicians. To the extent possible, we intend to follow through see that these proposals are implemented. Free and open source solutions are especially favored, both because they provide a great alternative to expensive commercial software and also because it is possible for motivated programmers such as ourselves and those we work with to make accessibility improvements to existing products. We actively seek assistance in bringing these ideas to fruition, so if you would like to help in any way, please contact us.

Here are the projects we are currently thinking about.  Follow the links to read more.

  • MuseScore Accessibility – description of issues that need to be addressed
  • Simple Notation Editor – proposal for a simple but useful and fully accessible notation editor
  • Accessible Music Textbooks – proposal for a set of tools and supporting file format to allow music textbooks to be presented in a variety of accessible ways
  • Braille Music Tools – an investigation and evaluation of different tools for creating and working with Braille music

If you have suggestions for other tools or investigations you would like to see launched, please leave us a comment.

2 thoughts on “Working Documents

  1. One of the concerns I have as a legally blind individual is the decreasing flexibility in screen color choices in a number of music related programs. For example, I am still on Finale 2005b, as that was the last version that provided a way to change the color of staff lines. I find being able to set a black background to be of critical importance. When the program only allows for black staff lines, as you can well imagine, it becomes of very little use.

    For those of us with severe visual impairments, though not totally blind, being able to choose colors is very helpful, as color requirements may vary depending on the nature of the eyesight limitation.

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